Doug Conant | writer-director

Since his earliest adventures with a clunky three-piece VHS camera, Doug Conant has been passionate about filmmaking as an ideal means of sharing his stories.

In addition to his Directing credits, Conant has served as Producer, Production Manager, and Assistant Director on several independent productions. He has also worked for Warner Brothers Television, with veteran production executive Rick Allen, where he was involved in the production of the hit series “Men in Trees” (starring Anne Heche), “One Tree Hill” (starring Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush), and “Big Shots” (starring Michael Vartan and Dylan McDermott). These invaluable experiences helped develop a strong understanding of film and television production, from development to budgeting and casting to final cut, and provided an extensive network of industry professionals.

In 2005, Conant founded Group Six Films. His first production under this banner was the short film Broken, which garnered much attention and praise for its delicate, honest treatment of rape survivors and counselors. The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews and is currently used as a teaching and therapy tool at various crisis centers throughout the United States. Sleeping, his most recent film, has shined worldwide on the festival circuit, being honored the winner of several "Best" international awards.

Using image and sound to explore humanity and tell unique, engaging stories is Conant’s driving motivation. His films are marked by honest characters, nuanced performances, and a graceful, affecting style of visual storytelling.


Writer, Director Broken (2005)
Sleeping (2008)
The Music Lesson (2012)
The Center of the Sun (2012)